Hotels to Stay in at Copenhagen


Copenhagen is among the oldest cities in Northern Europe. The city has a population of over one million people. This is a destination for all tourists whether local or international.  The city is a great place to visit when you are looking for a family vacation spot. It has great places to visit. The hotels that Copenhagen offers ensures that everyone gets a place they can stay. There are the very classy ones and those that can fit within a budget. Copenhagen is a modern capital city so expect to get hotel options that offer great services with comfort as their major concern. The grand Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel. This is a great hotel that preferred by tourists because of its convenience and proximity to the airport. It is directly attached to terminal 3 of Copenhagen airport, Kastrup. Another great hotel option is the Copenhagen Island Hotel at This is one of the high end hotels that Copenhagen has to offer especially for business travellers. The grand Copenhagen Island Hotel is situated right at the heart of Copenhagen. It is just a walking distance from the train station called Dybbolsbro. Dybbolsbro is a popular train station.


It is recommended that you stay at a hotel that is next to the city as this is more convenient for getting access to more facilities and services. For business travellers looking for a hotel to stay at that are close to street lights and main streets, The Square which is situated at Radhuspladsen 14 Street, is a great option. The hotel is very close to other areas in the city. The design of the hotel was made for business travellers. The hotel has conference areas and lobbies that were designed for business meetings and events. Next to the reception area there is a spacious lobby that has tables and sofas for public use. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi. The guestrooms that this hotel offers range from average ones to the very luxurious ones. Check out to understand more about hotels.


The square is a great hotel if you are looking for tasty breakfast. The hotel's restaurant is a good option for breakfast needs. The hotel has a baking section for pastries and bread. Additionally, they also serve coffee. This hotel is the best option for business travellers as the design had them in mind. The business travellers must have a reasonably sized budget if they want to stay in that billigt hotel københavn.

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